Any of these creations can be available anytime, for any romantic occasion.  Just ask !

        For Valentine’s Day, 2007, I have created some romantic and delicious choices.  As always, email me your requests and I will be happy to design something special just for you.  The gift selections from Holiday 2006 are also available with romantic Valentine finishes.



This beautiful molded heart is layered inside with bittersweet ganache and white chocolate ganache flavored with pomegranate and dusted with gold!  It is available in boxes of two, four, six, or more, and in combination with truffles.  $2 each.  Scrumptious!


Our popular six-truffle selection in the frosted clear box is dressed up with a romantic bow.  Two each of Champagne, Dulce de Leche, and Chambord.  $14


A pretty heart-topped clear box shown with four pomegranate molded hearts, or. . .


four Classic truffles.  $9.50


This lovely molded clear heart with gold rim holds twelve pieces.  As pictured it contains two molded pomegranate hearts, three Champagne truffles, three Chambord, and four Dulce de Leche.  Pure romance!  $27


There is also a mini heart which might hold three molded pomegranate hearts, or a romantic truffle selection. $8


This charming heart-topped two-pack makes a perfect little gift or party favor.  With your choice of truffles, $5.25

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