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How do I store bruce’s best handrolled chocolate truffles, and what is their shelf life?   Like all chocolates, my truffles are remarkably durable and safe provided they are kept airtight and out of direct sunlight, and never subjected to temperatures above 72F.  However, the perfection of the flavor experience is a bit fleeting, which is why I would prefer that you enjoy your truffles within a week.  That said, here are storage time and temperature guidelines that will guarantee full flavor:
           68 to 72F (20 to 22C), three to four days
           55F (12C), up to two weeks
           40F (4C), up to four weeks
           0F (-18C), up to four months

What do I do with my truffles when (if) I get them home? Refrigerate your bruce’s best when you get them home, but give truffles at least an hour to come ‘round to room temperature before opening the package to serve.  In the unlikely event that there are leftovers, you may refrigerate them again (and bring back to room temperature for serving).

     Any other flavors? I am always working on new flavor formulas.  Expect to receive an announcement of new creations as they are ready for production, but feel free to ask for anything you do not see on the list.  It will be my great pleasure to create custom and exclusive flavors for valued clients.

     What about the finish and the truffle size, can you offer me options?  Just ask, and we will find the perfect look for your needs.

     How about packaging?  I am happy to use any available packaging of suitable size and materials.  Stock items are of course less expensive, but custom colors and designs are also possible.

     Will you manufacture a private label line for me?  Yes, with pleasure.

     What can you tell me about delivery?  Deliveries can be made by hand in the Metropolitan area, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons for wholesale clients.  Other schedules are possible.  Orders outside the area will be sent UPS.

     What is a minimum order?  I want to be flexible, but do please order a minimum of one dozen pieces.

     How much lead time do you need to fill orders?  I will be as flexible as possible, but I would appreciate receiving your order at least three days in advance of your delivery date, two weeks if there is new packaging involved, and three weeks for large orders or personalized packaging.  If you have a standing order it is relatively easy to add or subtract on short notice.

     Will you offer a volume discount?  Gladly.

     Terms?  All retail orders are prepaid or COD.

     Are you seasonal?  I will offer some seasonal flavors and wrappings.  But the truffle program is available all year ‘round, thanks to air conditioning and refrigeration.  Fine chocolates are for every day, no longer just for fourth quarter and holidays

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