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       For special gifts, party or wedding favors, holiday celebrations, or sheer indulgence, bruce’s best handrolled chocolate truffles are the perfect choice.  If you would like to order truffles directly from me, please email me at or telephone me at 917.733.3891.

 I now have a merchant account for processing credit card payments (which allows you to use PayPal if you prefer).  An online store is coming soon.  Meanwhile, email or phone your order and I will respond and ship promptly.

   In general:

         *All truffles are $2 each plus packaging.  There will be NYC sales tax on all local retail orders.

         *A minimum order is 12 pieces, in any packaging configuration.

         *Please give me three-day’s notice for small orders when we have already established that I have your packaging choice in stock.  If you give me a heads-up two weeks in advance, then I can order necessary packaging.  For larger orders or personalized packaging, the more lead time the better, at least three weeks.  But do ask, and I will try to accommodate your order even if time is short.

        *Orders ship UPS, at cost.  Orders going to Manhattan (or nearby if possible) may be hand-delivered, with a delivery fee of $15 (negotiable, depending on the order).

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