As a permanent part of this web site I am archiving past gift collections, including
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                Don’t forget, bruce’s best handrolled chocolate truffles make great
wedding and party favors.  Ask me to help you choose flavors and a personalized box.

Holiday 2009


It wouldn’t feel like the holiday season without these festive little gold ballotins.  They hold two truffles - your choice of flavors -  and make wonderful stocking stuffers.    They are also available in chocolate brown or dusty gold.
$5 each, or $45 for ten.

Available at Butterfield Market


This year I added a Hanukkah special:
four Classics in a silver ballotin with festive ribbon.   $9


As always, I am pleased to assemble your choice of flavors in the chocolate brown or dusty gold ballotins, with holiday ribbon.  Perfect!
       four truffles                     $9
          six truffles                        14
          twelve truffles                  26    

The Pyramid
       twenty-four truffles in assorted flavors
       twelve Champagne truffles
(flavored with fine champagne cognac)
       six Classic truffles
(flavored with dark rum and rolled in cocoa)
           in chocolate brown ballotin boxes, forty-two truffles in all
                           Manhattan delivery $15.00
                           other locations, UPS at cost


The Champagne Mini* returns again this year (the boxes have changed to our new ballotins, but the goodies are the same!)

        six Champagne truffles (flavored with fine champagne cognac)
       twelve a
ssorted truffles (four popular flavors)
       quarter pound hand-dipped apricots and crystallized ginger
       a charming assortment of boxes and festive ribbons, with a flavor key and storage instructions.

                     $75.00  (plus NY sales tax)
                     Manhattan delivery $15.00
                     other locations, UPS at cost

  *To make this gift basket even more luxurious, I will be happy to  include a bottle of wine, and to arrange for your purchase of the wine in accordance with New York State law.

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