As a permanent part of this web site I am archiving past gift collections, including
Holiday 2006Valentine’s Day 2007, Easter 2007, Mother’s Day 2007Father’s Day 2007, Fall 2007Holiday 2007. Valentine’s Day 2008, Easter 2008Mother’s Day 2008Father’s Day 2008, and September 2008, and Fall 2008,  and Holiday 2008, and Valentine’s Day 2009, Easter/Passover 2009, and Mother’s Day 2009.   Anything you see should be available any time, so just ask!

                Don’t forget, bruce’s best handrolled chocolate truffles make great
wedding and party favors.  Ask me to help you choose flavors and a personalized box.


Summer 2009

                As the weather heats up, I will be thinking about a cold cup of

           Mayan Thunder

                                           and a satisfying munch of

                                         Best Bark   
both of which are available at the newly opened

                     café SHOWPLACE
40 west 25th street     new york, ny 10010  

For information, phone me at 917.733.3891 or email me at


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