As a permanent part of this web site I am archiving past gift collections, including
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                Don’t forget, bruce’s best handrolled chocolate truffles make great wedding and party favors.  Ask me to help you choose flavors and a personalized box.


Valentine’s Day 2008

Chocolate Tanyas

    For sheer romance, try these red-lustred hearts filled with white chocolate ganache flavored with raspberry vodka.  The vodka is carefully blended according to a recipe by my dear friend, couturière Tanya Lvov.  While nothing can match Tanya’s own sense of romance, these chocolate hearts come close enough that I dare to name them in her honor. In boxes of two ($6), three ($10), four ($12), six ($16), or twelve ($30).  Heavenly!


Three Tanyas in a clear gold-trimmed heart*, $10.


The three-piece clear heart* is also available with your choice of truffles, $8


The twelve-piece clear heart is back this year, with ten truffles in your choice of flavors, and two Tanyas, $28.


Truffle selections in the chocolate-brown ballotin box can be dressed up with a Valentine ribbon. six truffles, $14, twelve truffles, $26, twenty-four truffles, $50, or all three in a handsome pyramid, forty-two truffles in all, $90.


This charming heart-topped* two-pack makes a perfect little gift or party favor.  With your choice of truffles, $5.50.  With two Tanyas, $6,50

A pretty heart-topped clear box* shown with four Classic truffles, $10.

*Please note, the clear acrylic Valentine boxes, with the exception of the twelve-piece heart,  are all for local delivery only, as they do not provide cushioning for shipping.  Thank you for your understanding.

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