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For the ultimate affordable luxury, treat yourself or a very special giftee to
                      A Truffle a Day
(and two on Sunday)
                      the bruce’s best way

As a Truffle-a-Day Club member you will receive a selection of sixteen truffles every-other-week.  You choose the flavors - the same each time or new choices whenever you wish.  They will ship every-other-tuesday until you say stop (and I hope you never do!)   With your first order, receive a special welcome-to-the-club gift, and a color flavor key with storage instructions.

         Every two weeks your credit card will be billed
                 plus sales tax for New York residents
plus shipping, which is UPS Second-Day - or Next-Day with thermal pack during
                                the warm months - which will vary with the destination

         Add another membership and receive a ten-percent discount on yours.  Truffle-a Day Club members also receive a courtesy discount on gift orders and promotions throughout their membership.  Email me today, say yes to the Truffle-a-Day Club, and your first order will go out next Tuesday!  It’s that simple.

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