Bruce’s Best Bark   
                                                                                                                                                                          is now        

      Central Park

                       redesigned and reformulated for nut-bark lovers everywhere (and that’s just about all of us)! 
                              Deep dark 63% Belgian chocolate is blended with a variety of the finest whole nuts
                         fully roasted to develop their maximum flavor, and other goodies to make a special treat. 
                                   Each batch is carefully hand tempered for maximum flavor, shine, and snap.


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   Flavors include:
            dark chocolate with
                   roasted almonds
                   roasted pecans
            milk chocolate with
                   spicy cashews
   and the surprise hit:
            white chocolate with
                   roasted pistachios and sea salt

   The newest flavors are:
            chile & lime
            dried apricot
            crystallized ginger

   Now available exclusively at these fine pharmacies:

    Avignone Chemists
        281 Avenue of the Americas at Bleecker Street, 212.242.3033
   Grove Pharmacy
            302 West 12th Street at Abingdon Square, 212.929.7527
   Drug Mart      
                 1631 York Avenue at 86th Street, 212.737.8800
   Tappan Pharmacy      
                25 Old Tappan Road, Tappan, NY, 845.398.1652

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